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- The 27th GAS reunion was held in Quincy, Ma.
(Apr. 29 - May 1)

- Scarborough Civic Centre (July 24)

- Yonge Street Show (Sept. 17)

- Love of Music (Oct. 22)

- Fundraising dinner at "Sisters' Restaurant"

- Church Show (Nov. 7)


Video ("Somewhere over the Rainbow")

Photos by Charlie Kammer


DCAT, Sopranos:

1st Tenors and Altos

2nd Tenors and Basses, including our one Contrabass:

Ort Beaumont and Gord Irvine:

"You'll Never Walk Alone":

Don Gill:

Joe Watson

Assorted DCATs:


More of Wyatt's conducting styles:

Photos by Dolly Fox

Fundraising dinner at "Sisters' Restaurant" (from Linda Carscadden)

Shirley, Linda and Marion

Shirley being serenaded by "Elvis"

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