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Photos / Videos:
- Farewell to Jim Bartholomew (including two videos of DCAT and two of Cadre)
- John Fox' 75th birthday celebrated at his home
- Preston Scout House Annual Invitational Tattoo, Waterloo
- "The Legends of Drum Corps VI Show", Oshawa

- 20th Anniversary Gala

- Christmas sale
- DCAT Hall of Fame and Christmas Party Dec. 10
- New photos of the chorus taken at the Vaughan Playhouse

The 30th GAS reunion was held May 2 - 4 in Binghamton, N.Y.

Rehearsals for the event were held at Carpenters' Hall, as usual,
while the individual acts were rehearsed at the Legion in Port Credit,
where our "sound man", Ian Morrison, made sure that every voice
sounded the best it could through the mixing board and loudspeakers.
(Photos by Dolly Fox, ShionaMacKenzie-Morrison and Kris)

On the left the sound team - looks like one trainee is getting her hands slapped:
"Hands off my mixer!" On the right: the boss - Sound Master Ian.

Johnny Souffle

"Those Were The Days"

"Leader of the Pack"
Sean & Zoe

(Photos by Dolly Fox)

Tribute to Bucky Swan:



Photos by Ken Burbulak:

Farewell to Jim Bartholomew
(Photos by Kris)

Cadre videos: #1 and #2

Two videos of DCAT: Hallelujah and Never Walk Alone

Ellie's poem: My Tree

I have a tree of the people I've met
Each person on it I will never forget
We met when we were in our teens
Lost touch for a while, always in jeans

Ambassadors, Leaside, Signals and such
Drums, Horns, Concerts, it was a great rush
We spent the years doing our things
Dinners, trips, family, drum corps and sings

Don was a brother, Margaret a friend
A Godfather to Wyatt without any ends
We relished the closeness, relinquished the time
Loved the harmony and enjoyed the rhyme

We felt the joy in the friendships we shared
and knew that the persons knew that we cared
For donations and events that we hosted
To make a difference to DCAT of which we all boasted

No matter what! We knew Jimmy was feeling
The smile on his face was really revealing
When he sat on the chair in front of the hall
He mouthed the words and gave it his all

You knew he was happy, you knew he was sad
You knew he was pissed and knew he was glad
We really do miss him and the joy that he gave
You can hear his words "I did it 'My Way' right to my grave"

Photos by Shiona MacKenzie-Morrison:

John Fox' birth day celebration
started with DCAT rehearsing (and then singing at a BBQ, June 21)

Photos by Kris

A lovely day, but in the sun!

Instructions for the drummers:

Party time:

What's the funny story, Claire?

Below, photos by Ian:

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