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Photos / Videos:
- Free Concert January 28
- Rehearsals for GAS
- The 30st GAS reunion was held May 1 - 3 in Binghamton, N.Y.
- Sunnybrook Hospital Veterans' Wing May 30
- Performance at the "Nordic Fair" at Mel Lastman Square June 28
- Scarborough Civic Centre July 12
- Mackenzie Health, Richmond Hill, July 20
- Bridgepoint Hospital, Toronto, July 30
- The Gills' 50th wedding anniversary
- The Cameron's 50th wedding anniversary
- Before our concert at Chartwell Alexander Muir Retirement Residence
Oct. 20
- Chartwell Barton Retirement Residence Oct. 30
- Entertaining the Zoomer Show audience, Exhibition Place, Toronto, Nov. 1
- Briton House Nov. 24
- Christmas Party Dec. 16

Our free concert at Estonian House
Published on Snap'd

These people look like perfect candidates for DCAT - wish they had joined! (Including Ann - we miss you!)

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Rehearsals at the Legion: (photos by webmaster)

On February 14 (Valentine's Day!) we all gathered at the Legion. No, not for any romantic purposes. Wyatt had decided, quite correctly, that we needed more than the regular Wednesday practices to get ready for GAS this year. Actually, it's his fault for making such wonderfully complicated arrangements of the songs! This was a great place for rehearsals, a room big enough for us to form a circle so that we could hear the other sections, and with an adjoining kitchen where Dolly made coffee - yum!

Since Wyatt will not be able to attend all our rehearsals, Rick was present to be ready to take over. Although it may not be as smooth as expected:

"This is how it will be!"

"Oh, wait a minute!" "No, this is it!"

"I still think it would make more sense to ...."
"Hmph! I don't think so!"

I'm sure everything will be fine in the end. (?)

The Legion was decorated for Valentine's Day and we happily (?) chewed
on our home-made lunches during the break, surrounded by red hearts:

And, of course, as any self-respecting Legion, they had a bar in the basement
and DCAT knows what to do there!

Although there was a bit of controversy there, too:

"Hey, bub! I think that's mine!"

"Just ask her!"

Oh, I'm sure we'll have it all sorted out in the end. To be continued .....

The following Wednesday, Wyatt was not available and Rick couldn't make it to Toronto through the snow,
so Sandy Hale took over and did a splendid job getting us through several songs!

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GAS (photos by webmaster)

Rehearsal in Binghamton (by unknown)

In our costumes:

Look who showed up! The Watsons - happy surprise!

Sopranos Diane and Sandy with our bus driver

Shirley, John and Sandy

Pat and John M.

Video of our show!

Were we happy about about our performance? You bet!!!!

Photo by Charlie Kammer - he also took the performance images below:


And extended time for drinks
What's in your glass, Jim??!

Waiting for the talent show:

DCAT all cleaned up! Looking great and all seem to have their teeth back..
(most photos by Dolly Fox)

Anthems (video: The Lord's Prayer)

Dinner and dance

Wyatt: this is part of our choreography for next year, right?
In that case, we WILL top this year's performance. Yay!

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Video links from our performance at Scarborough Civic Centre:

First part = "Les Miserables" (see GAS!)

Second part of the performance

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The Gills' 50th wedding anniversary (Photos webmaster)

(photos Dolly Fox)






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The Cameron's 50th wedding anniversary

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In November we had a concert at a Senior's Home north of Toronto and to avoid getting
caught in rush hour traffic, we started early and spent the hours before show time having
a meal at a pub with television screens - important because of the Blue Jays:

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DCAT entertained the people lined up to get into the Zoomer Show at the Exhibition grounds:

Among other songs, we sang "Big Girls".

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We performed at Briton House, Toronto, in November 2015:

At our performance at Briton House we also met a great supporter
of DCAT for many years: Mary Moloney! A wonderful surprise!
Her husband Dan, who sang baritone in the Chorus and also was our
treasurer for a short period of time, passed away in 2010.
Here is Mary with with John and Dolly Fox as well as Marg Gill.

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Christmas Party at Estonian House

Some of the toys we collected and later delivered to the
Salvation Army for their Christmas Toy Drive - our annual tradition.

And, below, an entertaining skit appreciated by the DCAT
(in his place of honour,on the table) as well as by the audience.

Don Gill was given the title Honourary Member - well-deserved to say the least!

And then down to the cafeteria for snack foods, drinks and singing!

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