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Photos / Videos:

- Performance at the Village of Humber Heights, Jan. 8
- The Chorus sang at the Celebration of Life of Jim Allen, Feb. 2
- Ballantrae Golf & Country Club, April 23
- 33rd GAS Reunion, Binghamton, N.Y, May 4 - 7
- Lakeside Long Term Care Centre, May 24
- Sunnybrook Hospital,Veterans' Centre, June 25
- Scarborough Civic Centre, July 9

GAS 2017

From John Parkinson, holding the Canadian flag:
(Doug Johns on the left, blowing the horn)

Article from "Drum Corps World" magazine:

Photos by Charlie Kammer:

Another success for DCAT!

We sang Sinatra evergreens, as always enthusiastically encouraged by Wyatt Gill:

(the side the audience doesn't see!)

Joe Watson

On our Facebook page, we posted a video by John Lambert of the first part of our performance.
Check it out here!

Dave Cameron

Diane Beauchamp

Pat Ison


Diane, Wyatt and the Watsons

Annie, Sandy, Doug and June

Wyatt also played mellophone

Audience for the talent show (DCATs at the two nearest tables)

Photos by Bea Gustafson:

Photos by Dolly Fox:


Ballantrae Golf & Country Club

Village of Humber Heights

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