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From John Parkinson

From Dolly Fox:

Varsity Stadium, Toronto 1964

Seventh Annual Ball, 1965

Published in the "Toronto Telegram": THE SOUND OF MUSIC - LOUD!
The sweetest music this side of heaven would be a relief to Dolly Fox as she's caught in the
blare of brass at weekend ball sponsored by the Ambassador Drum Corps. Members of "Canada's
Marching Ambassadors" - the band has 80 members - who serenade her are, from left: Jim
Bartholomew, Ken MacKenzie, Brian McDowell, Jack Grosvenor, John McBride, John Fox and
Dan Moloney. Band has won Canadian Championships five times in the last nine years.
Members held ball for wives.

From Gord Irvine

Ambassadors around 1962:

Gord at different stages of his career:

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