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The DCAT Chorus was created in 1994 and celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2014! We perform at private functions, community events, conventions and many other places. We also produce our own show, "Love of Music", at the Playhouse Theatre in Vaughan every fall. We have appeared at Roy Thomson Hall and on Breakfast Television and have been described as "energetic and dynamic, an unusual choral group". The music director's spectacular arrangements of our music have been noted.

The DCAT chorus is under the musical direction
of Wyatt Gill, assisted by:

Rick Dixon

We sing a cappella because with 7 - 8 part harmony, back-up instruments are not needed - we are our own accompaniment. And since we do not carry music sheets on stage, we can - and do! - incorporate choreography into our performances.

Our chorus is certainly multi-facetted. We are proud to sing anthems and devotional music as well as songs of great strengths and emotional impact, such as Cohen's "Hallelujah", Lennon's "Imagine" and Black & Barry's "Here's to the Heroes". Our theme song is "You'll Never Walk Alone" (video).

In our repertoire are also show tunes including songs from "Les Miserables" ("On my own") and many "evergreens", such as "Danny Boy", "Georgia", "Wonderful World" and "Somewhere over the Rainbow" (video).

And our outfits are as varied as our musical fare. Our current uniform:


We tend to dress according to the mood of the music. Here are the "Blues Brothers":

Sunglasses aren't only for tough guys, we also use them in the sunshine of "California Girls":

This is part of a medley of songs from the 50s and 60s, that we call the "Malt Shop".
It includes songs such as "Big Girls Don't Cry", "Sherry", and "Stand By Me". We
also sing songs by the Beatles, the Jersey Boys and the Beach Boys:

Some time ago, we did "Master of the House" from "Les Miserables" (photo below).

And at GAS 2015 we sang six songs from the same musical:
Link to a video of this performance of "Master of the House"

In addition, several of our members also do individual numbers, e.g. "Johnny Souffle":

or perform in small groups such as "The Supremes":

"Tomcat and the Kittens" (video):

"These Boots are Made for Walking":

"My Ain True Love":


We are versatile and we LOVE to perform!

Join us and/or hire us! You won't regret it

If you want to sit in on a rehearsal to see what we are all about,
contact our Membership Manager, Sandy Hale!

To book the chorus for performances,
contact our Business Manager, Pat Ison!

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