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Grease Movie Party

Oct 29, 2017

On Sunday, October 29, most of the members of the chorus arrived at Peter Formica's condo-party room for a viewing of 'Grease'. Members were asked to bring along snacks for their enjoyment during the movie and typical of DCAT gatherings, the feast that appeared was amazing! There was a wonderful array of sweets, salty treats, appetizers and of course, plenty of libation.

Wyatt spoke to us about how his arrangements related to the movie and encouraged us to let our creative juices flow as we watched. There was plenty of banter from the crowd regarding costumes, plot (??), music and lyrics, leaving little doubt that we were engaged with the movie. During intermission and after the movie there were lively discussions and suggestions for the presentation of the tunes that we have started to learn at rehearsals. There was also some chatter about trying to include some other music from the movie for performance at the GAS talent show.

Wyatt's suggestion to view the movie as a group was a terrific idea! Marg and Peter and others did a great job organizing the afternoon and 'a good time was had by all'.

Grease Movie Party Photo Grease Movie Party Photo Grease Movie Party Photo Grease Movie Party Photo Grease Movie Party Photo