DCAT Chorus


Hall of Fame - 2019

Ellie Cameron

At the 2019 DCAT Christmas party, Ellie Cameron was inducted into the Hall of Fame. Marg Gill made the presentation to Ellie with the following speech:

I am honoured to have been asked to introduce the newest member of our 'Hall of Fame'.

Some newer members won't be as familiar with this individual as us older members, but the recipient was and still is a huge part of our success over the years from the 2nd Chorus rehearsal to present day including our 25th Anniversary Celebration in September.

The enthusiasm, humour, creativeness, along with an outstanding vocal sound, which we have sorely missed the past couple of years, is going to bless us once more.

Help with GAS registrations for 1000 and 2009, as well as creating wonderful table favours of 'wooden clothes peg uniformed corps members', which were virtually fought over, to working on the silent auction for our 20th Anniversary Gala, and again looking after the 25th Anniversary invitations, as well as speaking and bringing back humorous memories for the many in attendance.

We are delighted to have her back with us and to honour her tonight - none other than Ellie Cameron.

Ellie Cameron