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The Newsletter of the Drum Corps Alumni of Toronto - November 2017

DCAT (Drum Corps Alumni Toronto) is an organization dedicated to the preservation and joy of Drum & Bugle Corps camaraderie, bringing together past members, relatives, friends, and associates in a social environment for the purpose of companionship and musical activities.

Membership Updates

by Sandy Hale

We are all very sad to know that Kris Wadsten has left our chorus. Kris has been a powerhouse of energy for DCAT, as a strong 1st Tenor and our technical Guru as well. She looked after our Facebook page and the website, dealing with all aspects of it - most importantly, the Music Library and the Purr-spective. Kris and Dolly Fox worked together on the Newsletter, keeping current and past members both well-informed and well-photographed. Kris worked diligently to insure the accuracy of the Music Library and prepared numerous CD's as learning tools for members. Her contributions to DCAT are too numerous to list but I am certain that each of you could describe a time when Kris helped you to better enjoy being part of the Chorus. We are by no means trying to take her place, but may I say that it is taking three of us (me, my husband Ian and my son Jamie) to keep the website and the Facebook page operating and to produce the CD's!

As Kris begins her next adventure in Germany (after the holidays), closer to her daughter and family, we wish her 'Good Health and Happiness' and hope that she will stay in touch.

It is also hard for us to be without Edna Kingsley and Lois Nichols. Lois is staying with her son north of Toronto and is no longer able to be a part of the Chorus. We miss her hugs!! Edna plans to return to sing with us as soon as her health allows and we all hope it is very soon. The Sopranos and the Social Committee want her back!

The Chorus says 'Welcome back' to Dave Wood. It is a pleasure to see and hear him singing once again with the other Bari-Basses. We also are happy to welcome our newest members - Margaret McFadyen (Soprano), Peter Formica (First Tenor), Rene Schuster (Soprano) and Liliane Daviau (Alto).

Here We Go Again!

DCAT members are working hard to learn the new music prepared by Director Wyatt Gill, but with a twist! It is only November and all 6 of the new tunes have been 'taught'. The music is also available on the DCAT website AND on CD! We are way ahead of the game, as we prepare for the spring presentation of our new 'show'! (No further info here - it's a SECRET!) Those lucky Snowbirds and winter travelers have plenty of resources to take with them, so that they can return ready for G.A.S. in May and other performances that will follow. Meanwhile, we are working to maintain proficiency (if not Purrfection) in our Sinatra tunes and some of the old standard show pieces. Lots of work, but lots of fun, too!

New DCAT Board of Directors

At the Annual General Meeting, October 11, 2017, the following positions were filled for a 2 year term:

Orton Beaumont
Marg Gill (new to the board)
Dolly Fox
Membership Director
Sandy Hale

Marion Shearer (Past President), Dave Cameron (Vice President), June Beaumont (Publicity), Pat Ison (Business Manager) and Linda Carscadden (Fundraising) each have one year left in their terms. In Edna's Kingsley's absence due to illness, Claire Hobson and Shirley Lucas have agreed to Co-Chair as Social Directors until the 2018 elections.

Upcoming Events


Wednesday, November 22, 2017 at Wynford Delmanor
187 Wynford Drive, North York
Evening performance - no details as yet

(Cancelled due to illnesses)

Wednesday, January 31, 2018 at Wynford Delmanor
187 Wynford Drive, North York
7:30 PM

Tuesday, February 20, 2018 at Annunciation Catholic Church
(Victoria Park and Ellesmere)
10 AM (time approximate)


Wednesday, December 20, 2017, 7:30 PM
Annual Hall of Fame presentation (to be determined) and Christmas Party
At our rehearsal site in the Allied Technical Sales building on Milner

DCAT "Jobs"

by Kris Wadsten

One more story, in our series about "jobs" taken on by Chorus members, this one about a very important person who keep tracks of everything we do: our Executive Secretary, Dolly Fox!

Dolly and her husband, John Fox, have been members of DCAT since its beginning in 1994. She has contributed greatly to DCAT, serving on the Social Committee for six years, on the Publicity Committee for two years, was Secretary for Love of Music for eight years, Secretary for the 20th Anniversary Gala and is currently Secretary for the Executive Board. Dolly is also our proof-reading expert and, as well, she has been doing the weekly rehearsal summary for nine years. Last, but not least, she is our unofficial photographer, capturing many great memories!

Dolly sings in the Alto section and, going back a lot of years to high school, she was singing in the choir at Western Tech as well as a small, select group called ‘The Westernettes’. Down in the orchestra pit was her future ‘Romeo’, John Fox, on the trumpet. As time went on, John went on to play in Second Signals and the Ambassadors.

Dolly loved drum corps then and still does now. Not a week has gone by when she and John didn’t need their "DCAT fix" – even through snowstorms in Orillia, then Newmarket. They hosted five Orillia BBQs and concerts, helped with the Social Committee for dances and parties as well as assisting when DCAT held both GAS weekends. More recently, stepped out of her own comfort zone to play the comic for her husband, "Johnny Soufflé".

photo1 photo2

Dolly is planning to keep working hard in any DCAT position, strive to be a dedicated singer and member, and importantly, have lots of FUN along the way.