DCAT Chorus


  • The 25th GAS reunion was held May 1 - 3 in Gettysburg,PA
  • Stouffville United Church (May 31)
  • Nobleton Arena (Sept. 25)
  • Love of Music (Oct. 24)
  • Fundraising dinner at “Sisters Restaurant”
  • Stouffville United Church (Nov. 29)
  • Estonian House Christmas Show (Dec. 6)

GAS (from Dolly Fox)

7-11-/09-GAS(16).jpg 7-11-/09-GAS(17).jpg 7-11-/09-GAS(19).jpg 7-11-/09-GAS(20).jpg 7-11-/09-GAS(22).jpg 7-11-/09-GAS(24).jpg 7-11-/09-GAS(28).jpg 7-11-/09-GAS(30).jpg 7-11-/09-GAS(32).jpg 7-11-/09-GAS(33).jpg 7-11-/09-GAS(35).jpg 7-11-/09-GAS(37).jpg 7-11-/09-GAS(38).jpg 7-11-/09-GAS(42).jpg 7-11-/09-GAS(44).jpg 7-11-/09-GAS(52).jpg 7-11-/09-GAS(54).jpg


Jim and Edna Allen with friend (from Linda Carscadden) at “Sisters”