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The Jolly Jesters

Can you spot Gord Irvine and Jim Bartholomew in this photo of the Jolly Jesters Drum Line 1960?

Photos provided by Gordon Irvine.

5-Jesters/JESTERS 1960-GI.jpg

Maybe this will give you a clue? (Gord age 3):

5-Jesters/Gordon Age 3 Drum-GI.jpg

From John Parkinson:

5-Jesters/Jesters-JP.jpg 5-Jesters/Jesters-text.jpg

From Dolly Fox:

5-Jesters/Prudehomes 1.jpg

Gord Irvine, Bob Cunningham, Bill Coy, Tom Mellors, Jim Bartholomew and Rick Chappel after a drum corps weekend.

5-Jesters/Prudehomes 3.jpg 5-Jesters/Prudehomes 2.jpg 5-Jesters/Prudehomes 4.jpg 5-Jesters/Prudehomes 5.jpg 5-Jesters/Prudehomes 6.jpg

Gord Irvine