DCAT Chorus


  • Bridge Dedication (April 19 - video)
  • GAS: The 29th GAS reunion was held May 2 - 5 in Mahwah, N.J. (video)
  • Our Own “Senior Star”
  • Scarborough Civic Centre concert (July 21 - four videos!)

Other performances:

  • Bob Cunningham’s Celebration of Life (Feb 9)
  • Backyard wedding, Marks/Would (July 6)
  • Sunnybrook Hospital (Sept. 28)

Program, images and video from bridge dedication:


Link to video


13-/13-bridge4.jpg 13-/13-bridge5.jpg 13-/13-bridge8.jpg 13-/13-bridge10.jpg

GAS (Mahway, N.J.)

Video (and many of the photos) from Ian and Shiona Mackenzie-Morrison:

Click HERE for video!

Many of the photos also by Charlie Kammer.

13-/13-Doug-bus.jpg 13-/13-getting ready.jpg 13-/13-get ready.jpg 13-/13-Joan-Shirley.jpg 13-/13-practising.jpg 13-/13-Doug-Trumpet1.jpg 13-/13-DCAT-Chorus.jpg 13-/13-DCAT-Chorus1.jpg 13-/13-DCAT-Chorus2.jpg 13-/13-DCAT-Chorus3.jpg 13-/13-Heres-to-the-Heroes1.jpg 13-/13-end-of-show.jpg

“The Supremes”:


Marion, Dianne, Pat

13-/13-Supremes2.jpg 13-/13-Supremes3.jpg

“Johnny Souffle”:

13-/13-Fox1.jpg 13-/13-J.Souffle.jpg 13-/13-Foxes.jpg

John and Dolly


13-/13-Dolly1.jpg 13-/13-Dolly2.jpg 13-/13-Dolly3.jpg

“Summer Wine”

13-/13-Summer Wine.jpg 13-/13-Summer Wine1.JPG 13-/13-Summer Wine2.JPG 13-/13-Summer Wine3.jpg

Civil war scenes:

13-/13-CivilWar3.jpg 13-/13-CivilWar2.jpg

“My Ain True Love”

13-/13-MyAinTrueLove3.JPG 13-/13-MyAinTrueLove2.JPG 13-/13-MyAinTrueLove1.jpg

“These boots are made for walking”

Shiona and the Scout House boys:

13-/13-boots1.jpg 13-/13-boots7.jpg 13-/13-boots8.jpg 13-/13-boots9.jpg 13-/13-boots4.jpg 13-/13-boots3.jpg

Sound crew: DJ Ian and his assistant Shiona Mackenzie-Morrison:


Sound check:


13-/13-drumming.jpg 13-/13-horn-section.jpg 13-/13-enjoy-the-show.jpg 13-/13-enjoying.jpg 13-/13-fun.jpg

13-/13-JohnM-Keith.jpg 13-/13-JohnM-Ort.jpg

13-/13-fun1.jpg 13-/13-having fun.jpg 13-/13-Preston-Scout-House.jpg 13-/13-partying.jpg

And this one from Edna Kingsley:


“Senior Star”

Contralto Edna Allen placed second at this event:

13-/13-Star1-EA.jpg 13-/13-Star3-EA.jpg

and subsequently performed on Breakfast Television:

13-/13-Star-bfst-EA.jpg 13-/13-Star4-EA.jpg

Congratulations, Edna! We are very proud of you!

Scarborough Civic Centre concert July 21

Shiona Mackenzie-Morrison has given us 4 videos from this event. Links:

#1 #2 #3 #4