DCAT Chorus


  • Love Of Music (Oct. 27) (5 videos)
  • Scarborough Civic Centre (July 22)
  • The 28th GAS reunion took place in Gettysburg, PA (May 4 - 6)
  • Hans’ drawing of the basses (Dec.)
  • SIGS on Canada Day, in Gage Park, Hamilton (video)
  • Fundraising events

Other performances:

  • Optimists’ Show, Oshawa (Aug. 25)
  • Sunnybrook Hospital (Oct. 13)


Photos by Ian Mackenzie-Morrison:

12-/LOM/Ian1.jpg 12-/LOM/ian2.jpg 12-/LOM/ian3.jpg

The photos below are extracted from a video by Hans Hägerström. Have a look at the photos and remember some of the highlights.


(1) Video of “O Canada” and “On the Square”: HERE! (2) “All the things you are”: HERE!

12-/LOM/Gord.jpg 12-/LOM/audience.jpg

(3) TomCat and the Kittens’ video: HERE!

12-/LOM/kittens1.jpg 12-/LOM/sisters1.jpg 12-/LOM/kittens2.jpg 12-/LOM/sisters3.jpg 12-/LOM/sandy3.jpg 12-/LOM/sandy2.jpg 12-/LOM/tomcat.jpg 12-/LOM/T&K2.jpg 12-/LOM/T&K1.jpg 12-/LOM/tomdog.jpg

(4) The “Malt Shop” is HERE!

(5) “You’ll Never Walk Alone”: HERE!

12-/LOM/DJ Parky.jpg 12-/LOM/maltshop-opening.jpg 12-/LOM/maltshop2.jpg 12-/LOM/maltshop1.jpg 12-/LOM/maltshop7.jpg 12-/LOM/maltshop4.jpg 12-/LOM/maltshop5.jpg 12-/LOM/maltshop6.jpg 12-/LOM/maltshop8-com-on.jpg 12-/LOM/maltshop9-gills.jpg 12-/LOM/maltshop10-glasses.jpg 12-/LOM/maltshop13bass-glasses.jpg 12-/LOM/maltshop14-sopranos.jpg 12-/LOM/maltshop12.jpg 12-/LOM/maltshop11.jpg 12-/LOM/maltshop15.jpg 12-/LOM/maltshop16.jpg 12-/LOM/maltshop17-muscle-up.jpg 12-/LOM/maltshop18.jpg 12-/LOM/maltshop18b.jpg 12-/LOM/maltshop18c.jpg 12-/LOM/maltshop19-joe.jpg 12-/LOM/maltshop20-rhonda.jpg 12-/LOM/maltshop21.jpg 12-/LOM/maltshop22-parky2.jpg 12-/LOM/maltshop23-parky3.jpg 12-/LOM/walk-Wyatt.jpg 12-/LOM/walk-Wyatt2.jpg 12-/LOM/walk1.jpg 12-/LOM/walk2.jpg 12-/LOM/walk4.jpg 12-/LOM/walk3.jpg


Learning “Hallelujah”


(Johan Wadsten)

12-/Scarboro/Venue1.jpg 12-/Scarboro/Uniforms1.jpg 12-/Scarboro/Singalong.jpg 12-/Scarboro/KW-JohnFox-singalong.jpg 12-/Scarboro/Maltshop2-s.jpg 12-/Scarboro/Maltshop1.jpg 12-/Scarboro/Fun.jpg 12-/Scarboro/Parky-Keith-Ort-Dave.jpg 12-/Scarboro/Muscle UP!.jpg 12-/Scarboro/Maltshop2.jpg 12-/Scarboro/Maltshop4.jpg 12-/Scarboro/Maltshop9.jpg 12-/Scarboro/Maltshop12.jpg 12-/Scarboro/End.jpg

GAS 2012

12-/12-GAS-bus.jpg 12-/12-GAS1.jpg 12-/12-GAS2.jpg 12-/12-GAS3.jpg 12-/12-GAS-Parky.jpg

Photos by Charlie Kammer

(from the GAS website):

12-/12-GAS-Gord-MC.jpg 12-/12-GAS-green.jpg 12-/12-GAS-GordM.jpg 12-/12-GAS-Queen.jpg

(From Linda Carscadden)


Garage sale on Birchmount (Shirley and Joan)


Edna Kingsley at a sale table at Legion 606


Sandy at a Scarborough Village Sale

A video from Shiona added:

SIGS on Canada Day 2012, in Gage Park, Hamilton starring Parky, Ort, June, Dave Cameron, Gord Moffatt, John Moffatt…